Featured: Mural at Hog River Brewing Co.

Standing at 16 ft x 13 ft, this work is the largest endeavor to date and its size is no match for the gratitude we have to Ben and Joy Braddock, the founders and all-out amazing people behind the deliciousness that is Hog River Brewing

The mural prominently features two large figures nested in vignettes filled with local symbolism, several inside jokes, and a few personal stories all related to Ben and Joy. The piece is meant to provoke inspiration and wonder, to brighten up and compliment the life of an already lively place.

Once complete, the full explanation will be made available. For now however, it is enjoyable overhearing conversations where meaning of the word “KRANKERFRANKER” is debated and people attempt to purchase their very own hot dog ring tee-shirt. Hold the ketchup, please.