We often get asked "So, what kind of art do you do?" Where to begin, right? In a way, it would be easiest to respond: “Whatever we feel like.”


A large aspect in our work is the ability to remain fearlessly open. Openness can mean many things, it literally is open to interpretation (ba-dum-tsssh!). For instance, being open to bad jokes. In approach and technique, it creates a free form of discovery. A discovery in which you may find yourself well, finding yourself. Openness can mean the expanse of the universe or being open within a creative studio space. The body of work we continuously create as MH has an underlying sense of open freedom. Most pieces are not planned. We let ourselves go until a piece feels right. With a recycle bin nearby for the ones that don’t. 

We don’t restrict ourselves solely to any particular medium. In fact, sometimes they're small and sometimes large. It’s a freedom we hope exudes through our work, motivating our audience to create whatever they feel like making. The point being to make something for yourself. Art inspires. Art moves. Art works.

As MH, we make artwork simply because art works. 



Mount Hook is an artist collective with works ranging in scale, style, material and technique. Always exploring, constantly curious.


“My most recent work incorporates elements of abstraction. Created through experimentation between inks, acrylics, graphite (and whatever else I can get my hands on). I'm able to share stories using art. In turn, abstraction allows the viewer to insert his or her own story into my work too. Seemingly spontaneous harmonies of color, texture, and shape become recognizable and help identify specific feelings.

What I find most rewarding as an artist is having the ability to connect with an audience by sharing specific senses, memories, and emotions my work evokes in them and comparing against my own. No two people share the same experiences in life, but art is a simple and organic way to find common ground where one may not have been so obvious.” 



“When not getting inks and paints in the crevices of my nail beds from abstracting, I compose illustrative female portraits and figures using a variety of techniques, mediums, and materials. The female face always drew me so now I draw them.

Additionally, I have a belief that nature’s mathematical language connects everything and everyone. Highlighted in my recent work is a nod to this, symbolized by bold lines running in and around figures with the inclusion of an assigned number whose significance will remain a secret. Unless you ask and then I might tell you.”




Along with some recent beer can labels, MH’s work is currently on display at Hog River Brewing Company where we are in the last stages of a large mural filled with symbolism both representing the Hartford area and iconography personal to the owners of the brewery. Come check it out!



MH is currently Cutter’s Edge Salon’s featured artist. This tryptic series “Metamorphosis” is inspired by transformation. More often than not, changing your hairstyle can feel like a total metamorphosis—both physically and emotionally. It can mark specific milestones in your life. Stop by to see the work in their gorgeous, newly renovated space and embrace a metamorphosis of your own!